Prayer Bench & MRI Update


Just a quick note today. The picture depicts an extraordinary spot to sit and pray, ponder and contemplate. It is a spring that pops out of the ground in the interior part of Black Butte Ranch near the Paulina Pool complex. The brook really does babble over moss covered rocks and winds its way down a slope lined with tall pines, firs and aspens. I can’t help but praise God in such a glorious setting.

The wind whispering through the trees reminds me of Jesus talking with Nicodemus in John chapter three about the Holy Spirit. ‘Nic’ was pondering the idea of being born from above when Jesus stated, “The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit” (verse 8). I’m sure that left Nic scratching his head.

The brook and its soothing noise reminds me of being washed by the water of the Word (see Ephesians 5:26).  As I drink in the truth of Scripture I am being cleansed; sometimes the cleansing is through encouragement and sometimes through conviction.


I can go on, but I’ll wait to install other components of my “bench time” later.

To close, I want to say thank you for so much positive response on my MRI post last week. I was not expecting so much love and support. Reading through posts on my Facebook and blog site brought tears to my eyes—thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.

The MRI results do show considerable spinal degeneration but none needing another surgical intervention, thank God. My surgeon has said I need right elbow surgery to fix nerve impingement; but an elbow, while important, is not the spine!

Thank you again my friends and family, may God bless you with more of himself in your lives.


One thought on “Prayer Bench & MRI Update

  1. Hey Craig, I just read, Jesus and the I Am, for the second time You were so right on in everything You said, Praise the Lord! While reading it this time, i realized that for quite some time i have been searching for a Brother, to speak with, of things pertaining to Eternity. The reason i say this is because, i think i have been called, in a manor that is more dedicated than the average individual. I know that to most Christians, one would think i was being to proud, but i just know that You will understand what i mean by that. It’s not me, the only thing that could cause that is because i am available right now, to Serve the Lord anywhere in the world, at a moments notice. Everyone in my life is capable of taking care of themselves physically and in everything Except there are a few that i would like to see seek God more than they do. But as i say that, i have been an out law all of my life, and i see where God has brought me, regardless of how much i rebelled, He always brought me through because of the Prayers of my Mother. So, my Faith has grown enough over the years,especially these last few.
    Craig, `the reason i am so free, is because i have no wife. Most men can not go without a woman. But i have committed the rest of my life to serving Him, constantly.
    I’m not nearly there yet, i still am smoking cigarettes, my prayer is not that he will deliver me, but that He will give me the strength to lay them down and walk away. It’s time i start to show Him that I have made Him number one in my life, and all that He Created, He let me be responsible for me, until now, yes i will give up my freedom for Him, look what He has done for me. Craig, I’m sure that You can or have seen this, i just saw it the other day and it has been on my mind since. He left Heaven and became Flesh, just so He could show Himself to Us, reveal what He expects us to learn, and He did it just by Faith. He showed us how to be humble, how to love, live. And He did it in away that we can still see it today. I have just had to share this with some one i know, that i’m sure would understand. i hope there is enough here for You to get the picture. Craig, i see You, and have for quite some time, as a man of God, dedicated to Him, and it blesses my heart. I thank Jesus that You have allowed so much of Him into Your life, it shows. That’s what i ‘m looking for. Love Always, ron

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